Postcards From The Pits – The Dance Edition

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Limited numbers of this first and ONLY edition of ‘Postcards from the Pits’ are still available at a reduced price until sold out – there will be no reprint.

With over 140 images interspersed with quotes from people who were there and observations from the author, this book captures the vibrant Brisbane club scene of the mid to late 1990’s.

Relive some of the raves that set a generation alight, re-discover the DJs that drove the music, and revisit the places that were home to Brisbane’s golden age of clubbing.

Printed on premium 150gsm gloss paper and perfect-bound with a 250gsm gloss cello-glazed ‘soft’ cover, this handsome volume is a quality addition to anyone’s library. If you were there, you must have a copy of this book.

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